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We ask that you read this Guest Guide page thoroughly. 
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What is the Bonner Breakdown

The Bonner Breakdown is an open conversation, long-form interview platform.  In the current era of podcasts, long-form interviews and in-depth storytelling and discussions are increasing in scope and popularity.  The Bonner Breakdown is seeking to provide a platform for these conversations for North Idaho.

The Bonner Breakdown has three main objectives:

  • Conversation: We strive to talk, to listen, to ask questions and challenge ideas when it is appropriate.  The art of discussing ideas without any personal malice or slander is needed in our region and nation.  The Bonner Breakdown is geared toward open conversations.
  • Connection: When we can see behind the headlines and the expectations, we can hear the story, understand the topic, and truly see each other in an honest way. We also want to inform people of how they can connect with and support (or not) the guests and causes we interview.
  • Celebrate: We want to be able to look at all of the good things that are happening in North Idaho and celebrate the great things, the generous hearts, the lives spent well that make this such an amazing place to live.

How to Prepare as a Guest

  • Provide your own background information to the host if you have it. Give any historical data on the business, group, or project that you want to promote. Email: Connect@bonnerbreakdown.com
  • Our audience demographic is currently unsettled as we launch our podcast and will be reviewing the demographic data as we air our episodes. Gear the conversation more to the host, then a demographic.
  • Be prepared with compelling stories and topics that will help you share your story, your business’ story, or group’s story.
  • Be yourself and enjoy the conversation. The more you seek a good conversation, the better the content and impression you will make to the viewers.
  • Be thoughtful and take time to think before you answer. This is not radio so you can take time to consider. The honest answers are always the best ones, and framing of answers is important as well.
  • Think of your soundbites. When you prepare, consider some catch phrases that solidify your involvement with your platform and goals.
  • Anticipate the hard topics ahead of time. Consider what might be asked that are difficult to answer and prepare your ideas ahead of time. (Highly recommend never saying, “No Comment” as it usually does not fare well over time.)


  • Length: These are conversations that are geared to last 30 minutes to an hour based on content.  We will be stopping around an hour for the interview.
  • Airing:  Currently we are pre-taping the interviews and air them the same day or within a day the taping.  The videos are on Facebook and YouTube.  Audio can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts.
  • Dress: Dress however you are comfortable with.  Due to the size of the studio and angles of cameras, we request that short dresses and shorts be avoided so you can be comfortable and not worry.
  • Where: The BCHA Offices at 120 S. Second Ave, Suite B. in downtown Sandpoint.  The studio is in the basement and is well lit with cameras for filming.  Some chairs and microphones are all we need for a great interview.


If you are not yet scheduled to appear on the show, please fill out this form.  If you have questions, contact our host Chris:
connect@bonnerbreakdown.com or 
chris@bonnerhousing.org or
Cell: 208-290-0305


Guest Guideline Questionnaire

We want to have an informative and useful conversation about your life, business, activities, and projects that you may be involved with.   Please fill out the form on this page to give us information for the show. If there are two guests on the show, please have both guests fill the form out. 

We ask you to give us information about yourself for publishing with the episode you are on.  This way you control your own printed information.  Also, we ask that you give us the social media handles that you want to share for your personal media and business media.  If you have multiple areas where you utilize social media, use the bottom section to describe and list any other social media handles you want to add.

Please like the facebook page, and you will be tagged in the video prior to airing, allowing for maximum reach of your ideas, story, and cause.

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