Bonner Breakdown is your home for the local Bonner and Sandpoint area conversation


 The Bonner Breakdown has three main goals:
1. Conversation
2. Connection
3. Celebration

Bonner Breakdown utilizes a long-form interview format for the purpose of discovery and conversation.  The goal of Bonner Breakdown is ultimately to move to a live show on Facebook for the sake of interaction and real-time questions.  

We look forward to your input and feedback.

Audio is available here, and on most podcast feeds.  

Chris Bassett

Chris Bassett

Show Host

Chris moved to North Idaho in 2005 and grew up in Spokane, WA.  He has a love for the northwest, and love the Sandpoint area.  Chris is married to Mika Bassett who is a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist.  Chris and Mika have pastored at Harvest Valley Worship Center since 2011.  With one kid left at home, they do their best at serving the community.  

Chris has been the Executive Director of BCHA and has worked with BCHA since 2010.  He has had the privilege  of working with employers, municipalities, cities, the County and local residents to create solutions in local housing.

Chris is a highly sought after public speaker on local housing issues and solutions.  Chris is open to having any conversation and furthering the cause to see Bonner and Boundary Counties become the best places to live on earth. 


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